Chicago Houseplant Club

Founding member and Vice President

My old Instagram account,, helped me forge relationships with local plant shop owners and others in the Chicago houseplant community. In late summer of 2018, I started the Chicago Houseplant Club.
I created Chicago Houseplant Club in part as a way to build a community and make a positive impact on our city. For many, the club serves as a safe place to escape current realities by indulging in our shared love and propagation of houseplants with friends across the Chicagoland area.
The club grew from a few casual meetings at local breweries to a Facebook group of over 7000 people during the pandemic. Before I stepped down in late 2020, the club became monthly regulars at Eataly Chicago (pre-pandemic), volunteered with Garfield Park Conservatory, and raised just under $2000 in a plant auction for Chicago Freedom School.

Chicag Houseplant Club

I grew up loving plants and have roughly 80 tucked around my home. The number one thing I hear from people about houseplants is how they kill every plant they own. So I want to encourage everyone they can have a so-called green thumb.

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