Wirehouse Co. was a collective group of artist of various genres brought together to create an unique experiences incorporating music, live performances, and various artistic expressions. Started in 2015 by: Whitney Currier - Artistic Director, Dustin Currier - Technical Director, Sarah Beckett, Designer and Colin Beckett, Photographer, Wirehouse offered unique experiences to audiences, and gave artist of various genres a chance to come together and expand their ideas beyond their typical disciplines.

The Wirehouse Co. mission
- Provide support for artists to share and present work
- Provide the community with entertainment and a chance to learn more about art and artists
- Give back to artists and the community

Before its end in early 2018 Wirehouse Co. achieved
- Eight Quarterly Series Events
- Twenty-One Daily Artists
- One immersive theatre experience
- Three collaborative events (November Phoenix + Young Lungs)
- Over 70 artists featured via #wirehousedaily


  • Art Direction and Branding
  • Design